Isabel Marant pour H&M

Saturday, November 23, 2013

What I love about Isabel Marant is the laid-back and the I-just-woke-up-gorgeous vibe that her clothes continually exude. So when I first heard that she was going to include menswear items in her collection for H&M, I was kind of excited and very curious to see the results. Turned out the collection still epitomize the designer's aesthetic and DNA. Marant pour H&M creates something real to wear with a certain carelessness, from chunky sweaters, structured coats, leather biker pants to a selection of well-cut t-shirts. Like you dress up, and do not pay too much attention which is very cool.

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  1. really like the first pic

    btw who usually taking your pic?, it's really nice

  2. cool! <3 love your top

  3. Can't be more agree with those effortlessly-chic collections!
    Isabel Marant is forever a genius.

    Stefany from Taste of My Life

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  5. Reading your every posts is so worth the time. Like right now, even though there is no store of H&M in Makassar, but it's like I've been there seeing its menswear collection just by reading this post of yours. And your photos are simply stunning.